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On November 7th reelect Rob Turner for Stonecrest District 2

Elect Rob Turner for Stonecrest District 2


Collaboration, Urgency, Leadership,

Transparency, Unity, Respect, Excellence

Support Team Rob Turner!

We rely on our grassroots supporters like you to fuel our people powered campaign.



Over the last six years, I have been privileged and honored to be your District 2 Councilman and it’s been a great journey.

As I’m running for re-election, my focus will remain consistent in two keys area.

To create a culture that will enhance and empower the residents of District 2 to be a place of economic growth, safety and educational excellence. This Vison, I believe drives our decisions.  Our City is still in a state of becoming, becoming a place of Pride, Excellence and Service.  The decisions that have been made during my tenure have been paramount to the successes that we have experienced as a Community and a City.  We’re not just a City, but we are a Community, embodying common goals for the greater good of ALL stakeholders. 


It’s important for our collective constituency to work in collaboration with one another to ensure that we have prepared a place for the next generation.  I want our citizens to be proud residents of this City and DeKalb County, as we keep moving Stonecrest forward, providing the framework that gives hope and a future.  

I am grateful and humbled for the opportunity to Serve and to represent you at the table as WE build this great City. We have a tremendous opportunity in front us, and I believe with my proven leadership and continued efforts, we will achieve what we envision. 

I look forward to continuing this journey over the next four years, with your help, support and vote.  We are Creating OUR CULTURE TOGETHER.



Development of a Freight Cluster Plan for our Snapfinger Industrial Park that will help alleviate traffic problems with 16 wheelers and oversize delivery trucks by providing a specific route for their deliveries.  This will strengthen our infrastructure, roads and safety for our citizens.


Serves as Chair of the SPLOST Advisory Committee, a monthly collaborative that meet for the express purpose of recommending the funding for building safer roads, sidewalk creation and park enhancements for our Stonecrest neighborhoods


Approved ARPA funding to assist and revive small businesses; rental assistance and housing repairs for our Seniors and wraparound services for our 12 schools located in Stonecrest.


Created and serve as Chair, of the Stonecrest Film and Entertainment Commission that provide resources, training, internships and career opportunities for our residents. Working to develop an Entertainment District which is home for several movie and television studios which include, Ashanti Studios, Ours Studios, Stonecrest Studios, Netflix, Marvel, Warner Brothers and more.  


Created the SOS Committee, (Seniors Of Stonecrest) to address the issues and concerns of our Senior population.

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